The apartment

uitzicht vanaf terras.jpg

On the ground floor (22 m2) is a living with table, chairs, couch and TV/DVD/CD and WIFI. There is a kitchenette with refrigerator and a bathroom with toilet and shower. On the first floor is a bedroom with two single beds. Between the two levels there is no door, just open stairs.

Behind the little house there is a private terrace with furniture where you have a wonderful view of water and meadows. Especially in spring the noise of birds, particular for this region, like the lapwing and the black-tailed godwit, fills the air. Then you can also enjoy the newborn lambs, skipping joyfully.

uitzicht vanaf terras.jpgbadkamer.JPGblik vanuit de slaapkamer.JPGbuitenaanzicht van appartement.JPGdotters in de sloot.JPGeethoek.JPGhet slaapvertrek boven.JPGkanotochtje in het watergebied achter het huis.JPGkeuken.JPGslaapkamer.JPGvoorjaarsuitzicht vanuit de tuin.JPGwaterlelie met kikker.JPGwoonkamer.JPG